medjunarodni transport agrorit

Activities in the International Transport Sector are managed with a clear goal of ensuring reliable and safe transport.

We provide services in international road transport to all European destinations: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, with particular emphasis on specific countries of our field of specialization, including:

Moreover, we are always able to meet and fully comply with all client requirements related to goods (ADR, oversized transport), loading (partial or full) or destinations.

Transport of hazardous materials is regulated in accordance with the ADR Convention.

We have our own fleet of 84 vehicles (13.60 m tautliners, semi-trailers for coil transport - muldas). Vehicles are of various brands: SCANIA, MAN, VOLVO.
All vehicles have EURO5, EEV, EURO6 engines.

In the sector Our Fleet you can be thorougly informed of our vehicle.

Drivers we hire have long experience in international transport.

In addition to individual transport permits, we also own CEMT licenses for international transport.

All vehicles have CMR insurance and certificates and permits for international transport.

Since we have our own fleet, we are always in a position to have the necessary information about the vehicle (vehicle location, when the goods are loaded, when the goods are to be unloaded...). Having such information ensures quality, fair and long-term cooperation with our clients.

Another aspect of successful cooperation with clients is groupage shipping that provides an economical and safe solution for all our current and future clients.

We also have a warehouse in Stuttgart, which greatly facilitates our business.